Monday, October 16, 2006

I have decided (I'm sure at least some of you noticed) to close down DCOE. Not because I didn't find blogging to be a huge release, and not because I didn't enjoy making friends and meeting many of y'all because of the time I spent mindlessly complaining about life, but rather because I feel as though the time is right.

I've been mulling over how much of myself I've put out on the internet - my strengths and vulnerabilities were all out there for anyone to be exposed to - and frankly, that type of openness with strangers has never been my style. I managed to put that paranoia (I mean honestly, who would want to follow ME around?) aside for awhile, but I came to a point where being so open about myself (even anonymously) on the internet was not a good idea for me, and as such, DCOE had to come down.

I'm doubting that many of you are torn up about it, I'm just another blip on the blogger radar, and I only managed to survive a year of this crazy sort of lifestyle. But! While I may no longer be blogging on DCOE, I will be reading blogs and commenting and attending blogger HHs when I can and spending time with my blogger friends. So don't think with the end of my ramblings online that you've gotten rid of me. Sadly for you (and happily for me) that is not the case.